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“Martin is my absolute ‘go to’ guy and professional of choice for any music project I am involved with. He has the best ‘ears’ I have ever worked with regardless of the project. I have used Martin’s services for studio recording, mixing, bass playing, producing and mastering. He is an absolute pleasure to work with in all these situations. This includes hands on live studio recordings and working remotely. In all of these capacities Martin has been efficient, patient, professional yet relaxed and timely. Martin is always extremely supportive of whatever project I ask him to get involved with and dives into the project at whatever point I ask for his support. He is always on hand to deal with any issues and questions. He has such a wealth of experience to draw upon that no situation seems to phase him and his advice is always relevant, well thought out and with the listenability of the end product in mind. He is a very adaptable professional and an all round awesome chap!” — Chris Blackmore-Wynn, @thelegendarysnakesnakesnake, https://www.facebook.com/damn.chakra


"After 50 years on the road I like to think I know what I'm talking about. I've worked with or alongside Martin in clubs/festivals and studios.

He's the ultimate pro, unflappable and dependable and I really would like to think I'll be working with him in some capacity in the future. I would look forward to that immensely." - Michael Chapman, http://www.michaelchapman.co.uk


“Martin took the stems from a track we’d spent way too much time on and produced a fresh new mix that we could never have produced ourselves. If you want a professional mix that pulls your sound together with balance and power, you want Martin’s ears on your music.” — Tim Norman, UVX


“I’ve been working with Martin Stansbury since 2008, when he engineered and produced Crow Coyote Buffalo, the album I made with Zoë Pollock under the band name Mama. Since then, he’s been my manager, tour manager and sound engineer, overseeing my musical career and running sound at all my shows worldwide. He recorded and mixed my critically lauded 2018 album If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous, produced by Michael Chapman, and will be engineering and producing my forthcoming album The St Buryan Sessions. Over the dozen-plus years that Martin’s been touring with me, I’ve been averaging around 100 gigs a year — so it’s important for me to work with a sound engineer I can trust, who can listen to what I’m hearing in my monitors and know exactly what needs fixing without being told, and who gets the very best possible sound out of any space we find ourselves in. He’s also a joy to work with in the studio, keeping the atmosphere low key and relaxed while giving me just enough constructive criticism to keep me on my toes and performing to the best of my ability.  I’m very, very lucky to have him on my team.” 

— Sarah McQuaid, https://sarahmcquaid.com


“Working with Martin on my album was a joy, he brought the technical skills obviously needed to make the recording sparkle but also brought a musician’s sensitivity to the mix, suggesting ideas for instrumentation and experimentation which lifted each song. Throughout the project every suggestion he made was offered with a relaxed, laid back attitude and a sense of humour which meant that when we disagreed there was never an argument. Wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again on my future projects.” — Lawrence Illsley, https://www.instagram.com/abriefhistoryoftrees


Freelance engineer/producer since 2004, working with all genres of music — from funk and hip-hop to folk to orchestral music and opera — in both studio and live environments. Associate Artist of The Hall For Cornwall. Experience includes installing and running PA for live music venues and festivals around the UK (e.g. Princess Pavilions, Golowan Festival, Lafrowda Festival, Run To The Sun); running and maintaining own 5k PA system; working for sound and light companies providing large systems for festivals such as Relentless NASS and Boardmasters; recording and producing promotional material for voice actors and poets as well as albums for artists including Zoë, The Underbelly feat. Roxie Ray, Damn! Chakra, Sarah McQuaid, Penzance Youth String Orchestra and many more; ‘mix fix’ and mastering services; music, sound design, sound effects, sound editing and production for various film and theatre productions.


Services offered include:

• Recording and production. Both Studio and location services available.

• Mixing - from multi-tracks/stems.

• Mastering and mix finalising. Red book standard mastering; DDP files for commercial pressing.


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