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There are so many wonderful people I have worked with over the years – many of whom have become friends for life. I will add to these links as I remember them, but if you haven't found anything meaningful on my website, spend some time exploring the wonderful people who exist in this crazy industry. You never know — at the very least, you may find inspiration or even spend a few pennies on supporting them.

Sarah McQuaid - Such a talent. She defines why I do what I do.

Roger Luxton - Not only one of the most talented drummers I have performed and worked with, but a lovely guy to boot. Owner of GoatBoy Studio, go-to recording studio … and chances are if you book the place, you’ll find me there as house engineer.

Stuart Bruce  - My mentor of recent times. A chance meeting in Box has led to me not only using him as mastering engineer for commercial projects but also (successfully) applying for Arts Council England funding to learn from him. He once charmingly described our mentoring sessions as “two old farts geeking out about audio.”


Lawrence Illsley - A super talented poet/writer who also happened to release an album of lovely songs produced by yours truly.

Zoê - One of my first-ever clients!! A long standing friendship that generally involves catching up over a recording session. 


ACE - What can I say? They’ve supported not only me but many of my clients, co-workers and friends through the years.

Christophe Bourgouin - Having worked as his number 2 on musicals in a local theatre, his level of experience makes me feel like a beginner. I'd certainly recommend you try him for recording, mixing or mastering if I don't tick the boxes.

Michael Chapman - A true legend. Sadly he passed away in 2021. Having struck up a friendship with him through a chance meeting at a festival, I was lucky enough to work with Michael in a professional capacity on a few occasions, both in the live arena and in the studio.

Steve Madewell - A friend since one of my first-ever trips to the USA. A fantastic songwriter, great musician and all round lovely chap. His most recent album, Hometown Blues, was mastered by yours truly.

Katie Marie - A real example of how small the music world is. I originally met her in Salisbury, UK, where she was opening for Sarah. The next time I saw her was Austin, TX, where she was making a name for herself as session musician and recording engineer. A real talent and a lovely person. She shared work with me when times got hard in 2020 – for which I will be eternally grateful.

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