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Mixing and Mastering Studio

Cacophony Cottage Studio is specifically designed for mixing and mastering recorded projects. It was initially set up so I could mix projects I had recorded and produced for clients, but since then my work has expanded to offer a range of remote services – including mixing for musicians who had made their own recordings and professional mastering of completed tracks and albums.  


Recently upgraded thanks to a generous grant from Arts Council England, Cacophony Cottage Studio is equipped with a full Genelec nearfield monitor system plus my trusty Alesis Monitor Ones (that I've had since I started engineering) as farfields, all digitally calibrated for flat response.

Running both Pro Tools and Logic Pro X DAWs, the studio is equipped to work not only with multi-tracks/stems, but also with projects generated within two of the most frequently used recording platforms.

It has an extensive suite of Waves plug-ins as well as the Plug-in Alliance Mixing and Mastering bundle. Additional software includes both Izotope RX and Melodyne audio editing software and Sonoris DDP Creator Pro.

Also thanks to ACE funding, I have been able to further augment my extensive audio experience through mentoring sessions with award-winning engineer/producer Stuart Bruce.

Please phone or email  to discuss project and needs.

Martin Stansbury

Tel: 07977 470498


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