General Services Provided


With close to two decades of audio engineering and industry experience I am well placed to assist with most projects. Working with both studio and live sound, as well as artist management my knowledge extends way beyond simple sound engineering. Here is a taste of some of the services I can provide.

  • Recording and production: Both studio and location services available.

  • Mixing: If you have a project you've recorded but don't have the time, knowledge, tools or experience to generate a pro level final mix I can help. Send me multi-tracks or stems or Pro Tools, Logic or GarageBand files.

  • Mastering: Red Book Standard mastering. I can provide DDP files for CD pressing and/or specific file formats for various platforms with all relevant metadata and ID3 tagging to ensure effective royalties tracking.

  • 'Mix Fixing': Struggling to make that final leap to a commercial standard with your mix? Or perhaps something wasn't quite right with the initial capture... I can help you resolve issues in many ways, from just simple guidance or technical advise and support through to fixing specific track issues such as buzz and artefacts. 

  • Mentoring/guidance service: home studio set-up/use; mixing and mastering techniques; general career and industry advice for musicians. If you have music to release I can guide you through the processes of getting it manufactured or added to streaming platforms and doing basic publicity. 

  • Live engineering - limited PA available on request; I can also spec and source appropriate kit for events as well as operate.

  • No job too small, no fee too big

At the end of the day, if you have a project you think I may be able to help with just get in touch. I can promise I high level of integrity so if I feel something is out of my spectrum of experience or beyond abilities I will all I can to recommend a suitable service provider.

Please phone or email  to discuss project and needs.

Martin Stansbury

Tel: 07977 470498