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Services Provided


With close to two decades of audio engineering and industry experience, I am well placed to assist with most projects. Working both in studio as well as on artist management, my knowledge extends far beyond simple sound engineering. Here is a taste of some of the services I can provide:


  • Artist management/consulting/administration: In addition to artistic direction and career advice, I can also take care of the administration tasks associated with new releases, from song registrations with PRS and PPL to uploading material to digital distribution platforms, dealing with pressing plants, writing press releases and one-sheets, etc.

  • Recording and production: Both studio and location services available.

  • Mixing: If you have a project you’ve recorded but don’t have the time, knowledge, tools or experience to generate a pro level final mix, I can help. Send me multi-tracks or stems or Pro Tools, Logic or GarageBand files.

  • Mastering: Red Book Standard mastering. I can provide DDP files for CD pressing and/or specific file formats for various platforms with all relevant metadata and ID3 tagging to ensure effective royalties tracking.

  • ‘Mix Fixing’: Struggling to make that final leap to a commercial standard with your mix? Or perhaps something wasn’t quite right with the initial capture? I can help you resolve issues in many ways, from simple guidance or technical advice and support through to fixing specific track issues such as buzz and artefacts. 

  • Mentoring/guidance services: home studio set-up/use; mixing and mastering techniques; general career and industry advice for musicians. If you have music to release, I can guide you through the processes of getting it manufactured or added to streaming platforms and doing basic publicity. ​

  • No job too small, no fee too big.

If you have a project you think I may be able to help with, just get in touch. I can promise a high level of integrity: if I feel something is out of my spectrum of experience or beyond my capabilities, I will do all I can to recommend a suitable service provider.

Please phone or email  to discuss project and needs.

Martin Stansbury

Tel: 07977 470498


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