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Past Projects

I’ve created this page not only to give you an opportunity to check out my work, but also in the hope that you may enjoy discovering some of the amazingly talented artists I’ve had the privilege to work with. So please click, follow, like, subscribe, share ... and perhaps even purchase something along the way. 

Sarah McQuaid – The St Buryan Sessions: Recording, mixing and production. 

A beautiful project, recorded and filmed “live” in Sarah’s local church whilst it was closed due to Covid. Initially rolled out as a series of singles and videos, the project will ultimately be released as a full album and concert film.

Lawrence Illsley – Trees: Mixing and production. 

The debut album by an award-winning poet. Lawrence recorded this himself in his mother’s house, shortly after losing her unexpectedly. I took his multitracks, called in a couple of my favourite musicians to add some subtle arrangements and backing vocals, and mixed the album.

Zoë – Lago Ausente: Vox recording.

One of my longest-standing clients. In addition to engineering the vocal sessions for her new album, I also spent a number of weeks working with her on pre-production in the form of demos which were used to develop these gorgeous arrangements.

The Legendary snakeSnakesnake – Westcountry Soul Vol 1: Mixing and mastering.

Having recorded these songs themselves, the band weren’t happy with their own mixes. Using their stems, I mixed and mastered what became this raucous, fun EP.

Sarah McQuaid – If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous: Recording and mixing.

Produced by the mighty Michael Chapman, this was the first solo album I engineered for Sarah. Having been let down at the last minute by the studio they’d originally booked for the recording, they came to me for help. I took them to what by then was the decommissioned studio formerly used by The Underbelly (see below). It proved to be a wonderfully secluded location that led to very productive sessions. Michael is fond of reminiscing about the time he ended up recording in a shed in a field ....

The Underbelly (feat. Roxie Ray) – Seven Feet Under: Recording, mixing and production.

A sadly short-lived Cornish funk band. I worked with these guys from spec’ing and setting up their studio, through demos and onward to recording and mixing their album for the Milan-based label Record Kicks (with a bunch of live shows along the way). A firm favourite on the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Mama – Crow Coyote Buffalo: Recording, mixing and production.

This was  my first introduction to the lovely Sarah McQuaid, recording and producing an album of songs she co-wrote with my long-term client Zoë. Recorded in various cottages around Cornwall,

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